4 beauty tips to make with scotch tape

Contrary to all expectations, scotch is not only practical in the office, it is also practical in your bathroom. Here are 4 beauty tips that will make it your best ally.


Scotch isn’t what you think it is… It’s even better! And yes, as surprising as it may seem, it is useful in countless situations and especially to help you look your best. From the ember gaze to the pro manicure, Scotch could well become your faithful friend and save you a lot of beauty galleys.

1. Apply your eyeliner
There’s nothing to do, no matter how hard you try, you’ll never get your eyeliner line right. Asymmetrical line, not very precise… The result is never terrible. Well, you should know that all those little daily worries will now be a thing of the past. To help you, first cut out a small piece of tape, then glue and peel it off your hand to remove the excess glue. To draw a perfect comma, simply apply the piece of tape to the outer corner of the eye. It will serve as a guide and will allow you to trace your eyeliner in an identical way on both eyes. The pin-up look is yours!

2. Make a glitter make-up
Making a sophisticated make-up with eyeshadows and glitter is often a real challenge. In a matter of seconds, your complexion is often ruined and your cheeks look like a battlefield because of falling shadows. To avoid this and to save time in the morning, take a piece of tape previously stuck on the back of your hand and dab it on the falls. The glue will easily adhere all the pigments without removing foundation and concealer.

3. Make a nail art
For nail art lovers, scotch will be a precious ally to achieve a graphic and trendy manicure. How can you do it? Simply by using the adhesive to create patterns or to delimit certain areas on your nail. Start by applying a first color and then once this step is completed, stick a few pieces of tape in the shape of your choice (herringbone, zig zag …) before applying a second color on your nails. Gently remove the tape.

4. Bet on the smoky eye

Just as with eyeliner, tape can also help you display ultra sexy cat eyes. To obtain this effect, the blushes on the outer corner of the eye must be perfectly defined and symmetrical. That’s where the desktop tool comes in! It sticks slightly diagonally and then allows you to apply your eyeshadow precisely and evenly. Once this is done, remove the pieces of tape and see the result!

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