5 ways to know if your sunscreen has expired

You want to take an inventory of your sunscreen inventory for the summer, so you rely on the expiration date of the sunscreen. However, it’s not that simple: here’s how you can tell if your sunscreen has expired or if you can still use it without risk to your skin.

What do you do when you find yourself with last year’s sunscreen tubes that have been opened but not finished: should you throw them away? Can they still be used? How do you know if the sunscreen is out of date and therefore unusable?

Logic would dictate that the expiration date on the sunscreen package should be respected.

However, this is not always reliable, because on the one hand, a sunscreen can expire well before the expiration date if it has been opened for a long time or still be effective after this date.

So how do you know? Here are 5 signs that your sunscreen has expired:

1. The product has gone out of phase, i.e. the fatty phase is rising and a clear liquid is coming out of the tube.

2. The texture of the sunscreen has changed, has lumps, appears curdled and is therefore no longer smooth.

3. The sunscreen has changed color.

4. The smell is weird or the perfume of the sunscreen is different: it is probably due to the presence of bacteria.

5. Your skin is having allergic reactions to the sunscreen when you’ve never had problems before. If your skin is red, hot, itchy or pimples appear, it is probably because the sunscreen has expired.

Even if the expiry date indicated on the packaging has not yet been reached, don’t hesitate if you spot one of these 5 signs: the sun cream has definitely expired.

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