6 tips to stay tanned for a long time

You have well-tanned skin and a luminous complexion, and you would like to keep that caramel tan for a long time. Discover our 6 tips to prolong your tan long after the vacations are over!
Let’s face it, a tanned skin is a pleasure: it looks good, it smells good on vacations and some even say it slims down.

This is the reason why we are looking for all the means to make our tan last as long as possible.

So how can we stay tanned when we get back from vacations to make both our colleagues and our friends die of jealousy?

Here are our tips to get there!

For years, I thought that if you did a scrub, your tan would disappear.

Except that’s totally wrong! On the contrary, to keep your tan, you need to do a gentle exfoliation regularly.

That’s what gets rid of dead cells, avoids peeling and stimulates cell renewal.

On the other hand, as long as one is exposed to the sun, one must avoid scrubs at all costs: in summer, it thickens to protect oneself, so it is better not to attack it.

So as soon as you come back from your vacations and that you took your last sunbath, you think of making a soft exfoliation every three days to maintain your tan and make it last longer,

An exfoliating shower gel or a gentle exfoliator is the secret to tanned skin until September. If needed, you can easily make your own homemade scrub with sugar and honey.

And for the face, one chooses a soft and stamped anti-acne product.

A cold shower has the gift of making the skin firmer and more luminous and dries the skin less than too hot water.

And it is by making sure you have beautiful, well-hydrated skin that you will keep your tan for a long time.

So during and after your vacation, get into the habit of showering in cold water (or as warm as possible!) and then apply a shower oil or soap rather than conventional soap so as not to dry out your skin.

This little ritual will allow you to keep your tan longer but also to have a luminous skin.

It is essential to drink enough water, not only to stay hydrated and fit, but also to keep your tan for a long time.

Indeed, water deeply hydrates the skin and allows it to remain luminous. Conversely, when we don’t drink enough, our skin dries out and may even peel, which would cause the tan to fade very quickly.

So, if you want a tan that lasts, remember the recommendation: you should drink at least 1.5 litres of water per day to cover your water needs, even more if it is very hot, you sweat a lot or you do sports.

Carrots, melon, mango, apricot, orange… all foods with an orange color or flesh allow to make your tan last thanks to their high beta carotene content.

None of these foods make you feel like it or you didn’t have time to buy any?

Know that you can also eat parsley or drink green tea to stay tanned for a long time.

By tanning regularly, your tan will be more uniform and last longer.

It is therefore better to sunbathe every day for a few hours rather than planning to tan for a full day at the beach and then not expose yourself to the sun until the end of the vacation.

Think about it: every day, expose yourself to the sun for at least a good fifteen minutes to revive and maintain your tan.

This will extend the duration of your tan.

But be careful: to avoid the risk of sunburn (which would be catastrophic for your tan!), don’t forget to apply your sunscreen or sun oil before each exposure.

If your tan begins to fade, you can use self-tanner. 7 days after returning from vacation, apply self-tanner carefully – but in this case, be careful to apply it evenly to avoid streaks!

The following week, do the same again, and so on. This way you’ll maintain your tan and cheat without anyone seeing it!

Staying tanned after the vacations is far from being the sea to drink.

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